HFS Agriculture haylage is ideal for all horses and ponies, from eventers to family hacks. We only make haylage from our own grass that has been grown from a specific mix of seed to ensure the highest quality possible. The grass once baled, is wrapped in six layers of green wrap ready to be stored prior to delivery.

Haylage is forage made for horses from grass that is cut earlier than hay and turned until the correct dry matter is achieved. During this process, eco-bale is added, which will prolong the bale’s life once opened, and then wrapped in six layers of green plastic. Natural fermentation occurs, which preserves the grass and its nutrients resulting in dust free forage that is low in mould spores and highly palatable.

Advantages of haylage versus hay

  • Dust free – healthier and no need to soak
  • Denser – less storage space required and more for your money
  • Wrapped in polythene – so can be stored outside
  • More palatable than hay – more enjoyable for the horse and less wastage
  • Higher nutritional value – hard feed can be reduced
  • It is a more natural feed and more easily digested – many fussy eaters will prefer haylage
  • It’s more cost-effective
  • As it is wrapped, haylage can be stored outside

Typical haylage nutrient analysis:

Dry Matter 65-75%
Protein 7-9%
Estimated Energy 7-9MJ/kg
Crude Fibre 35-42%